Monday, May 14, 2012

☆ Summer Haul~! ☆

I used to ask my mum why I don't get any pocket money and she would answer me with this:
"If you want pocket money then I'll give you 1 pound every week and you'll have to buy everything with your own money. If you don't want pocket money then I will buy everything for you."

Choice 2 seems more beneficial xD And now I'm glad I chose going with no pocket money lol~ Me and my mum went shopping today and we spent so much money on clothes! If I had to pay I wouldn't even be able to afford it haha~!
Shoes from Deichmann
My Bears says Hi :D

Left: Top from TK Maxx
Right: Top from H&M

OOOOOO In TK Maxx me and my mum found blazers and waistcoats from ALL SAINTS! That shop is expensive but we got stuff in that brand for MUCH LESS! 

Waistcoat~ Original price was 106 pounds but we got it for 20 pounds~! So cheap right! >o<

Blazer's original price was 165 pounds! We got it for 25 pounds haha~!

Puffy out waistcoat - was 110 pounds, got it for 20 pounds!

Ahhh all the All Saints stuff was probably why we spent so much xD Me and my mum took all of the clothes with us and when we put it down, another woman came and quickly took it haha~! 

 Last of all, Calvin Klein Nail Polish~! :3
I love all of the colours here :D And it was reduced so it was pretty cheap! >O<

That's it for today~ Night night everybody ^o^


8 exams done, 6 to go! *so happy*
35 days till HK! :3

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