Tuesday, February 14, 2012

☆ Versatile Blogger Award~! ☆

Oh yay~! It's my first award I've received *w* I was tagged by Sunny ^o^ Check out her cool blog~ :3

I have to write 7 facts about myself~

☆ I guess I'm a closet girly person? XD I feel 'safer' talking about stuff like lashes and make-up etc on the internet than talking it with my other friends haha >o<
☆ iPod is my life. I have no idea what my life would be like without my baby XD
☆ I'm wearing my pink hello kitty robe right now :D
☆ There's always a period of time when I'm only interested in K-Pop, and then a certain period of time for J-Pop lol (weird? C:)
☆ I can draw by copying images, but not create them from scratch. They turn out horrible haha!
☆ I used to be obsessed with FT Island~
☆ I think I should spend more time studying than watching anime >o<

Here's some of the lovely people I'm going to tag :D 

I'm too lazy to do more now XD It's nearly 12 D: School tomorrow :(
Nighty night~

&#9734; Ginger coke and tummy warmer~ &#9734;

This is just a random topic haha! 
I had a sore throat a few weeks ago.
 My mum made some boiled ginger coke for me :3 

It doesn't look quite appetising XD  
I really like this drink, even though it's still unhealthy but the ginger taste is very soothing for your throat~

It was so cold two weeks ago >o< 
I had 5 layers on in school and it was still cold, so I decided to use the warmer lol~

This is the sticky on type, but there's other ones that don't stick :D

It's about the size of my hand :3

Sticks on my shabby school uniform XD
This keeps me warm for 12 hours *o*

English assessment tomorrow *starts stressing* 

&#9734; Upcoming reviews + Giveaways~ &#9734;

Sorry about my boring posts recently (ヾ(´・ω・`)

I will do more reviews in the future ☆ミ(o*・ω・)

These are the items that I will review soon~

Ok lol ,this isn't mine, it's my mum's hehe. But I was thinking that it was advertising so much and so expensive, I wonder if it actually works? 
My mum said she couldn't see any difference so far lol!


Lovely Package:

- Mentholatum Therapy Lip Balm
- The Face Shop Organature Cleanser with Hydrating Beans
-Miniture O.P.I Nail Lacquer in Nagellack
- 6 pairs of Korean Falsies
- 8 different Leaders Insolution Masks
-Sothy's Brightening Fluid (Sample Pack)
- Sothy's Brightening Mask (Sample Pack)
- Korres Body Butter Guava (Sample Pack)
- CandyDoll Makeup Base - Shade 01 (Sample Pack)
- CandyDoll Liquid Foundation - Shade 02 (Sample Pack)
- CandyDoll Powder Foundation - Shade 01 (Sample Pack)
- 4 Step Nail Buffer
- Clio Professional O'Tank Volume Mascara (Travel Size)

Sexy Package:

- Sex and the City Falsies inspired by Samantha, created by Eylure
- 2 sets of cute false nails
- LipIce Sheer Color Shimmer Lip Moisturizer
-Skin Factory's Eyedream Honey Eye Patch
-Sothy's Brightening Fluid (Sample Pack)
- Sothy's Brightening Mask (Sample Pack)
- Heroine Make's Proof Eye Tape
- Leaders Insolution Hydrogel Eye Therapy Patch
- Beauty Leg Thigh High Stockings by 小悪魔 Ageha

Ends 3rd April~!

Good luck to everyone who enters~!! ^o^


☆ ♪KAWAiiRiBBON♪ ☆ Giveaway~

A lot of prizes to win! 

Ends on April 1st~!
Good luck! ^o^


Closet Voyage's Giveaway~

There's going to be FOUR winners! Hurry hurry ~! Big chance of winning ^o^
Ends sometime in April~

&#9734; Another Strobe Edge drawing + Giveaway~! &#9734;

Let the picture sum up my school life ^o^

Result of boredom ^o^
Please give me some advice on improving~! :3

Sleeps now >o< Haven't been getting enough sleep lately orz  And my mum told me off for being lazy this morning TwT

So cute stuff! >o<
Ends on 27th March~!

&#9734; My Purikura 'History" + Giveaways~ &#9734;

This makes me sound so old! But, I'm still a young teenager so, phew~ XD

So this time I'll just talk about my experiences with Purikura's from the earliest time I can remember using it ^^

I remember using one when I was about 5 years old lol. I only used the really really basic ones which turns out to be a small rectangular sticker with a little border around it xD Those ones I stuck on photo frames at my Aunt's house so I have no picture of it XD

2005 - With cousins etc, but we didn't really know how to use the machine so I didn't even get ready haha! XD

2005 - With my family haha >o< Cards again, and it didn't even come out good enough TwT! I was even so short to barely get in the screen! LOL! XD

2006 - A 'better' choice of machine? But I didn't really the cards that much >_

2006 - This Onee-san took us to purikura lol, she chose machines and did everything etc, so it turned out quite good ^o^ But I guess I was boring for just standing still the whole time lol XD

2008 - With my family again >_< Only background change because we didn't know much about decorating and kept doing things wrong xD

2010 - I really like this xD I dyed my hair on it :D I tried purple and brown to see what I would look like, and it looked so real as well o:! 

2010 - My friend was used to purikura so she was the one thinking of poses xD My arm is so fat here :(

2011 - My latest one in Hong Kong ^o^ Just some memories with the few friends I have there haha! It kind of turned out a bit wrong because of some random settings we clicked on without knowing what it was lol >w<

So after all that, I would really want to do a purikura with my close friend, Mui! To this year, when I go to HK with her we will definitely take lots and looots of purikura >o< Looking forward to it :3

And yeah, it's helpful to know japanese when messing with these machines XD VERY HELPFUL! This year hopefully I will be able to overcome problems since I've learnt a bit of japanese C:

Ends on 19th March~

Ends on 10th March~


Tht-Christina's Giveaway~

Ends on 1st June~!

Good luck everyone~!!! >o<