Monday, May 14, 2012

☆ May day: Haul + Giveaway~! ☆

Today is Bank Holiday meaning no school >o<
Me and my mum went out shopping for sixth form clothings and I bought a lot hehe :3

Bought a white nail varnish since I don't have one >.<

Both from New Look~

Blazer from New look ^o^

Waist coat from Primark~

Three pairs of trousers, left + right from H&M, Middle from Primark~
I like the one of the right the most >o< It makes my legs look very skinny XD

That's the end of my haul hehe, now I'll have something to wear on my sixth form induction day ^o^

I helped my mum dye her hair yesterday and secretly did some on my own hair XD I'm such a bad kid haha :P So I've got some dark brown highlights on the left side of my hair - not really noticeable XD Hehe :D


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