Monday, May 14, 2012

☆ Masks + Nails for mum + Giveaway~ ☆

I did my first exam today! It was my music exam and omg I'm just so happy right now haha~! >o< No more music lessons for the rest of my life! Kyyaaaa so happy *w*

Recently my friend, Mui won a giveaway and she gave me these masks:

I've never tried this brand before so it is a first time for me. I used the red one yesterday :3
I used it for 15 minutes and it was pretty much dried, only managed to squeeze a bit of the essence out of it afterwards >_<" Next time I'll blog about the other ones I use, as I think they are better than these~

My mum asked me to do her nails since she went to a wedding feast yesterday :D
I think she has very pretty nails, and it looks fake XD

I ran out of the white dots so I had to draw it on for the little finger above XD Very messy I know haha~! :P

My mum really liked the nails so she told me to order some more stickers hehe :3

Moving on, I've had my last day of school last friday :D On study leave now and only going back to school when ever I have exams :3 To me it will seem like a 4 month holiday~! Yay~! ^o^


Ends on 28th/29th May~!

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