Monday, May 14, 2012

☆ Present from Mummy~! + Giveaway~! ☆

A few weeks ago when I went to my friend's party my Mum gave me a necklace she bought from Swarovski without me knowing!
Apparently she 'consulted' with my Dad before they bought it - I was there and yet I didn't know anything about it XD

It's so cute haha~! Apparently they got it because it's a little girl - and according to them it's ME :D

I wore it to the party but I didn't take a picture >_<"

Finally I broke my blogging streak!! I am very busy these days as my exams are coming up so I had to stop blogging for a bit >.<
Sad desu!! 

Thought I should do a little countdown for my exciting holiday with my friend in the summer haha! I'm so sad and counted the days :')

60 Days


Ends on 31st May~!

&#9734; May day: Haul + Giveaway~! &#9734;

Today is Bank Holiday meaning no school >o<
Me and my mum went out shopping for sixth form clothings and I bought a lot hehe :3

Bought a white nail varnish since I don't have one >.<

Both from New Look~

Blazer from New look ^o^

Waist coat from Primark~

Three pairs of trousers, left + right from H&M, Middle from Primark~
I like the one of the right the most >o< It makes my legs look very skinny XD

That's the end of my haul hehe, now I'll have something to wear on my sixth form induction day ^o^

I helped my mum dye her hair yesterday and secretly did some on my own hair XD I'm such a bad kid haha :P So I've got some dark brown highlights on the left side of my hair - not really noticeable XD Hehe :D


&#9734; Marie Claire May 2012~ &#9734;

Pic spamming tonight, I've got sooo many exams coming up and thinking about it makes me scared and stressed too >_<"

Waaaaaaah exams @_@
On friday it is my last day of school as I will go on Study leave for 2 months, and then holiday for 2 months~!! >o< I can't wait hehe :3

Now on to the pictures~

I  want to try this out >o<


Bye bye everyone >O<~!!!

&#9734; Masks + Nails for mum + Giveaway~ &#9734;

I did my first exam today! It was my music exam and omg I'm just so happy right now haha~! >o< No more music lessons for the rest of my life! Kyyaaaa so happy *w*

Recently my friend, Mui won a giveaway and she gave me these masks:

I've never tried this brand before so it is a first time for me. I used the red one yesterday :3
I used it for 15 minutes and it was pretty much dried, only managed to squeeze a bit of the essence out of it afterwards >_<" Next time I'll blog about the other ones I use, as I think they are better than these~

My mum asked me to do her nails since she went to a wedding feast yesterday :D
I think she has very pretty nails, and it looks fake XD

I ran out of the white dots so I had to draw it on for the little finger above XD Very messy I know haha~! :P

My mum really liked the nails so she told me to order some more stickers hehe :3

Moving on, I've had my last day of school last friday :D On study leave now and only going back to school when ever I have exams :3 To me it will seem like a 4 month holiday~! Yay~! ^o^


Ends on 28th/29th May~!

&#9734; Nail stickers from Gorgeousland + Giveaway~ &#9734;

Recently I ordered some nail stickers from Ebay, and the seller was Gorgeousland.

It took about 5 days to arrive and I got it yesterday~ ^o^

This was how it was packaged

I though it was quite worth the money for all these~! Four pounds for 20 sheets meaning 20p for each sheet :D
However I must say that I was quite disappointed in some of the designs I got... I don't know if it's different every time but compared to the picture on the ebay page, things were quite different lol.

Also, some of the stickers were bent :(

It's creased :( And that space in the middle looks like something's missing D:

But overall these stickers are very nice, and fun to use as well~ 
I was going to get them from Amazon but it was out of stock so I got it from Ebay D:

I'll be sure to order from amazon next time haha >_<"


Quick update:
5 Exams done, 9 to go :D
Ahh, I think I did badly in my English exam Q_Q
Now I need to cram for Maths, Chemistry and Poetry!
Ah so stressful~! XD


Rindodo's Giveaway~!

Ends on 7th June~

Jing-Jing's Giveaway~

Ends on 28th May~

&#9734; Summer Haul~! &#9734;

I used to ask my mum why I don't get any pocket money and she would answer me with this:
"If you want pocket money then I'll give you 1 pound every week and you'll have to buy everything with your own money. If you don't want pocket money then I will buy everything for you."

Choice 2 seems more beneficial xD And now I'm glad I chose going with no pocket money lol~ Me and my mum went shopping today and we spent so much money on clothes! If I had to pay I wouldn't even be able to afford it haha~!
Shoes from Deichmann
My Bears says Hi :D

Left: Top from TK Maxx
Right: Top from H&M

OOOOOO In TK Maxx me and my mum found blazers and waistcoats from ALL SAINTS! That shop is expensive but we got stuff in that brand for MUCH LESS! 

Waistcoat~ Original price was 106 pounds but we got it for 20 pounds~! So cheap right! >o<

Blazer's original price was 165 pounds! We got it for 25 pounds haha~!

Puffy out waistcoat - was 110 pounds, got it for 20 pounds!

Ahhh all the All Saints stuff was probably why we spent so much xD Me and my mum took all of the clothes with us and when we put it down, another woman came and quickly took it haha~! 

 Last of all, Calvin Klein Nail Polish~! :3
I love all of the colours here :D And it was reduced so it was pretty cheap! >O<

That's it for today~ Night night everybody ^o^


8 exams done, 6 to go! *so happy*
35 days till HK! :3