Wednesday, March 14, 2012

☆ Rimmel London: Vinyl Gloss review~ ☆

Today I will be reviewing three different shade~ ^o^
I don't know what the shade names are though, it didn't even say on the tube >_

I just numbered the ones below to match it with the ones on my hand, forgot the edit the picture so there's no labels on it >.< I'm so lazy hehe xD
1                                         2                                     3

3               1              2              

Sorry for my crappy lips >_<" They are very ugly indeed lol~


I guess this is a basically clear colour, with a VERY light hint of pink in it. All it did was make my lips shine without any real change in colour I guess, so this is similar to mirror shine~

This shade is supposed to be the darkest (more red) out of the three I have. It did light up my lips a bit and gives volume to it with high shine.

This is my favourite shade! I really like this baby pink colour and it smoothed out evenly, also blending into my natural lip colour so it brightened up my lips. This colour is very cute >o

There's 16 different shades for this product. I think Number 3 is Take a Chance but I'm not sure lol. I personally think it gives quite a bit of volume and it IS very shiny, like it says on the tube - Voluptuously shiny lipgloss. Oh, and they all smell very sweet as well :3 It's also easy to apply. And the texture isn't as thick as the others, it coats your lips like lip balm. This lip gloss is quite cheap, usually less than 5 pounds and can be found nearly in anyway drug-store like Boots and Superdrug~ ^o^

I didn't buy this, I got this for free when I worked in a shop for work experience :D They gave me a lot of other ones, I think I have the clear one but my mum took it lol XD 

(out of 5)

Would I buy it again?
Yes, but I would also like the try other types C:

Ends on 12th March~

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