Monday, May 14, 2012

☆ Nail stickers from Gorgeousland + Giveaway~ ☆

Recently I ordered some nail stickers from Ebay, and the seller was Gorgeousland.

It took about 5 days to arrive and I got it yesterday~ ^o^

This was how it was packaged

I though it was quite worth the money for all these~! Four pounds for 20 sheets meaning 20p for each sheet :D
However I must say that I was quite disappointed in some of the designs I got... I don't know if it's different every time but compared to the picture on the ebay page, things were quite different lol.

Also, some of the stickers were bent :(

It's creased :( And that space in the middle looks like something's missing D:

But overall these stickers are very nice, and fun to use as well~ 
I was going to get them from Amazon but it was out of stock so I got it from Ebay D:

I'll be sure to order from amazon next time haha >_<"


Quick update:
5 Exams done, 9 to go :D
Ahh, I think I did badly in my English exam Q_Q
Now I need to cram for Maths, Chemistry and Poetry!
Ah so stressful~! XD


Rindodo's Giveaway~!

Ends on 7th June~

Jing-Jing's Giveaway~

Ends on 28th May~


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