Tuesday, February 14, 2012

☆ My Purikura 'History" + Giveaways~ ☆

This makes me sound so old! But, I'm still a young teenager so, phew~ XD

So this time I'll just talk about my experiences with Purikura's from the earliest time I can remember using it ^^

I remember using one when I was about 5 years old lol. I only used the really really basic ones which turns out to be a small rectangular sticker with a little border around it xD Those ones I stuck on photo frames at my Aunt's house so I have no picture of it XD

2005 - With cousins etc, but we didn't really know how to use the machine so I didn't even get ready haha! XD

2005 - With my family haha >o< Cards again, and it didn't even come out good enough TwT! I was even so short to barely get in the screen! LOL! XD

2006 - A 'better' choice of machine? But I didn't really the cards that much >_

2006 - This Onee-san took us to purikura lol, she chose machines and did everything etc, so it turned out quite good ^o^ But I guess I was boring for just standing still the whole time lol XD

2008 - With my family again >_< Only background change because we didn't know much about decorating and kept doing things wrong xD

2010 - I really like this xD I dyed my hair on it :D I tried purple and brown to see what I would look like, and it looked so real as well o:! 

2010 - My friend was used to purikura so she was the one thinking of poses xD My arm is so fat here :(

2011 - My latest one in Hong Kong ^o^ Just some memories with the few friends I have there haha! It kind of turned out a bit wrong because of some random settings we clicked on without knowing what it was lol >w<

So after all that, I would really want to do a purikura with my close friend, Mui! To this year, when I go to HK with her we will definitely take lots and looots of purikura >o< Looking forward to it :3

And yeah, it's helpful to know japanese when messing with these machines XD VERY HELPFUL! This year hopefully I will be able to overcome problems since I've learnt a bit of japanese C:

Ends on 19th March~

Ends on 10th March~


Tht-Christina's Giveaway~

Ends on 1st June~!

Good luck everyone~!!! >o<

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